DigiRockit’s Crisis Management Team Protects Your Brand and Image!

In this new era of digital media, effective crisis management is defined not only by your message, but by the speed with which you deliver it. A single misstep in the moments following a crisis can be detremental to your brand’s reputation.

In short, it’s often not the crisis itself, but the way the crisis is handled, that determines success or failure.

We help companies, organizations, and individuals navigate the treacherous waters of crisis communications.


We offer the following Crisis Management Services


    • Crisis Management readiness and organizational training
    • Collaborating on media strategy to mitigate a celebrity scandal
    • Formulating effective strategies to minimize online defamation over social media
    • Real-time crisis management in the immediate aftermath of workplace violence
    • Developing communications plans to address major workforce reductions
    • Devising responses to union actions or other protests
    • Helping companies communicate effectively in the midst of an investigation

DigiRockits’ crisis consulting is available by the hour, and can be engaged on extremely short notice. And because crises aren’t limited to traditional business hours, our services aren’t either.

Around the Clock Monitoring

  • We deliver swift and decisive action on behalf of your brand.
  • We enable your company to respond to any crisis instantly.
  • Readiness minimizes the damage done to your brand.
  • Prevent unfavorable news stories from poisioning your audience.
  • Silence is Toxic. We help control your brands message.
  • Preempt serious reputational damage by having a Crisis Strategy in place.
  • Our Crisis Team will work to suppress online attacks as they appear.
  • Establishing a sensible, workable, over-all crisis communication process.